REVIEWS from Patients

Great patients like you have kept us in business for over 30 years! Read why these patients say coming to Dr. Liu's office is a MUST!

Family-Friendly Dentist



              Our family has been going to see Dr. Liu for eight years now. We're always greeted with smiling faces and the entire staff is outgoing and very friendly. We're particularly pleased with the way

Dr. Liu and his staff care for our children.

Their kindness and the confidence they show puts our children at ease, and make the experience of going to the dentist a positive one for them. Thanks team Liu!   Quotes  ~ Julie

Comfortable, Positive Experience


              I just wanted to say a few things about Dr. Liu and his staff. I am a patient who came to his practice many, many, years ago. I had a very bad experience when I was a child, having to go to the dentist. I had a lot of fear. When I came to Dr. Liu’s for a dental check-up, he and his staff put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable.

I no longer have a fear going for a check-up or any other dental work. He is such a caring dentist and he and his staff go over and above to make my check-ups and dental care a positive experience.

He is always available if I need to see him for an emergency. I truly enjoy going for my check-ups because he really makes me feel comfortable. Just like family. Thanks Dr. Liu and your caring staff.   Quotes  ~ Debbie



              Dr. Liu has been our dentist for over five years. We are very pleased with

his professional care and his caring staff.
They all work well together as a team

to make your appointments as comfortable as possible. Thank you!   Quotes  ~ Kim & Julie


Thorough, Personal Concern


              I became acquainted with Dr. Liu and his staff when my daughter had an emergency, and he took her in immediately to help her.

I liked his and his staff's personal concern for her so much that when it was time
for my own dental care I thought of Dr. Liu and decided to change dentists!

He is very thorough and caught problems my other dentist seemed to overlook. He is on time and his staff, including those doing the cleaning, are very accommodating and friendly. I always recommend them to my friends.   Quotes  ~ June

Long-Term Trust and Care


              For the past 20 or more years my trust for Dr. Liu and his team have continued to grow. Long term relationships be it business or health care always have a strong foundation in trust or they are short lived. I have always felt comfortable with all aspects of their care as I have required much over this time frame.

At some point in the relationship they become more than just people that provide dental care, they become your friends. Quotes

~ Mark